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Thread: New software in HL rooms?

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    New software in HL rooms?

    The behavior of pit persons(s) in the HL rooms in a few casinos seems to have changed a bit. I noticed this in the Marquee Rewards chain in particular. In these stores, the dealer (not the pit) logs in each player that sits at table and the amount he is buying in and his first bet. There is a small window with push buttons (like a car radio) built into the tables.

    The pit guy seems to wander around from table to table at the 3-4 tables open in HL rooms during the day. For some reason, probably a winning player or someone jumps a bet or something, he walks to the monitor by the pit desk and peers at it. its as if he can bring up any table, see what each player bought in for, what his initial bet is and perhaps immediately see the count (or maybe it just tells him a table is at positive or negative count). Sometimes, he will check the monitor and hawk a table and sometimes he wont.

    The difference I see in behavior is the walk over to the monitor and punch in keys (probably bringing up a table) as often as he does.

    I suppose there is technology that monitors from the sky the count at each table?

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    Yes, that's exactly right. It's integrated with turning on beast mode.

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    Just sounds like an easier and faster way to track the float. That's all.

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    One of my local store changed the fell and chips few months back. A dealer told me each betting spot has sensor to let them know how much was the bet. At DD tables they wont let you play without player card or ID. At the cage, they just lay out the chip on newly installed tables and the machine spits out the $100.00 bills but they hand counted the lower domination bills. No more "double count". Also no more spread out the new deck of cards on table for you to see when changing card, floor just hand decks of card for dealer to put in ASM.

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