Blackjack: The Forum, Message Posting Guidelines
Blackjack: The Forum is a friendly community where players from all skill levels are welcome.

  • Choose a descriptive title for your post. Your post will draw much more attention if it is titled “What is the advantage of the redouble rule?” rather than “Help!”.
  • Remember your audience. When you post something on the boards, keep in mind that you are addressing the entire forum community and not just a single person. If you want to address a single person, consider using Private Messaging instead.
  • Keep it civil. Even the most intelligent people will disagree, make some effort to be nice usually one word only makes a big difference.
  • Exceptional game opportunities come and go, and the most surefire way to kill most of them is to post about them on a public message board. Use discretion when deciding how much to reveal about a play.
  • Editing your messages after posting is allowed, but please refrain from editing away the general idea of a message that has replies. This creates orphaned replies that don't make sense.
The don’ts
  • Inappropriate language (racial, offensive, insulting) or references to illegal conduct (copyright infringement, software piracy) will not be tolerated.
  • Zero tolerance for spamming or link dropping, go spread your poison elsewhere.
  • Many players are sensitive about their identity. Posts that reveal the identity of another player will be edited or deleted by moderators. Intentional or malicious posts of this nature will be ground for immediate permanent ban.
  • Abusive behavior through PMs will not be tolerated. Please note that the “Ignore user” feature also applies to PMs
  • Abusive behavior in the chat room is not accepted. Repeated offenses will result in a ban from using the chat room
  • Absolutely no politics or religion posts.
Penal Code
  • It is important to note that any banning decision will be discussed among all moderators and administrator before any action is taken place.
  • Spamming and link dropping are an automatic ban
  • For other offenses, 1st offense: is a warning, 2nd offense: 1 week ban, 3rd offense: one month ban, fourth offense: permanent ban
  • Chat room offenses are separate from the forum offenses so you could be banned from the using the chat room while still allowed to post in the forums.
Finally, all members are highly encouraged to post in the "Site Suggestions" section to discuss any of the guidelines presented in the above or any other subject. Nothing is set in stone. Well, enough said for now, let's go out there and enjoy the forums. Happy Posting!

Note: To see posts created prior to the formation of this site, please see the BlackjackInfo Forum.