• Texas Casinos in January?

    Plans are in place to begin casino cruises from Corpus Christi on January 25th. The cruises would just travel as far as international waters to evade Texas law. Unfortunately, this failed in New York. Interesting to see what happens in Texas. But, Corpus Christi is a bit of a travel for most Texans.


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    1. MJGolf's Avatar
      MJGolf -
      If they are going to use the "riverboats" that they used to have in Louisiana, like Baton Rouge, that occasionally pulled away from the docs, then I would NEVER step foot on these when they pulled away for their cruise. This is a disaster waiting to happen. International waters is what.......a minimum of 12 miles away? These types of boats may be able to cruise in a circle on a shallow portion of the Mississippi River or a bay but they are FAR from seaworthy in international waters. Where a sudden squall or storm might arise? This is ludicrous in my eyes. The casino cruises from NY or Miami or Jacksonville......those are on real ships. Small compared to a luxury cruise but they are ships none the less. These boats at least the ones pictured were NEVER designed for ocean travel.
    1. What me worry's Avatar
      What me worry -
      Corpus Christi, and Galveston both had the same ship back in the mid 90's in Galveston and about 04ish in Corpus. The ship flew a flag from Thailand. The food sucked the table games were horrible. Bj was an automatic shuffler. Slots would quit paying out after the first 20 mins of being open. The band was mediocre at best. It was really a bad option for someone looking for a casino fix. It was not a riverboat it was a ship built in the early 50's for cruises an older version of the Love Boat a my guess at first glance

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