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Thread: AP News Posting Instructions

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    AP News Posting Instructions

    Articles in the AP News section should relate in some way to the advantage player community. This can include humor or sports. If more categories make sense, request them. It should not include overt politics, although politics will rear its ugly head at times in casino approvals, regulations and online betting. An article consists of a title, text, a link to an article on the web, and an optional image. Please follow these rules:

    Title – This can be the title of the referenced article, but is better if you can rephrase it.

    Text – Copying an entire article is a copyright violation. Copying a small portion is not; but I would like to follow a higher standard due to the Google news aggregator penalty put into effect a few months ago. You should put the text in your own words, possibly adding your thoughts on the subject.

    Image – You can include an image if it is in the public domain. Wikipedia images are public. If you would like to include a state icon, you can find them at where xx is the two character state code. An image for legal posts can be found at

    To add an article:

    1. In the Sections box, click on the related section in which you want your post to appear. For example, if the article is about sports betting in a casino, select Sports Betting. (Note: all posts also go to the main news page.)
    2. Click Create Article at the upper right.
    3. Enter the title and text.
    4. To add an image, click the image icon. (second row of buttons, looks like a faded tree in a square).
    5. Don’t change font types or sizes. Let’s keep a clean look.
    6. At the upper right, hit Save.

    Because of an insane flaw in the implementation, there will be a delay before the article becomes visible. If the article is important, e-mail [email protected] or PM to get it published quickly. Sounds messy; but it’s really easy once you get used to it. You can edit or delete a published article by clicking the yellow pencil to the right of the title.
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