• Melbourne taxi driver returns $110,000 in lost cash

    A TAXI driver who found more than $110,000 in a bag inside his cab returned the cash to the lucky owners.

    Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon picked up a group of 11 people in the CBD and dropped them off at Crown casino.


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    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Hope he got a tip, for once.
    1. AussiePlayer's Avatar
      AussiePlayer -
      Was given a $500 reward, which seemed a little light I thought. Although Crown did comp him a night, which is huge, because they don't comp anyone!

      What the article fails to mention is that accompanying the $110,000 cash was about $500,000 in Mahogany Room chips.
    1. Hsiaodi's Avatar
      Hsiaodi -
      Chips probably will be useless like the heist a few years ago. Didn't they just turn the chips off?
      On the other hand, cash is good anywhere. 110000 vs 500.
    1. Nikky_Flash's Avatar
      Nikky_Flash -
      Wonder if this picture was before or after -notice he's not smileying ear to ear... after he got the 500 bucks , he's like, "why didn't I keep driving until I could find a hotel room, hide the taxi, and make a quick plan?"

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