• Five Mile High Blackjack

    Gambling on flights has been discussed now and again using electronics. But, this is a design for a real in-flight casino with green baize tables. Hate to be throen out of such a casino.


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    1. Most Interesting Man's Avatar
      Most Interesting Man -
      If it's anything like siting at a real table I would gladly play even if it were -EV just to get out of the massively uncomfortable seating offered on flights today.
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Well, it would be Premium Class only. And their seats are more like palatial cubicles.
    1. Koz84's Avatar
      Koz84 -
      Imagine you were 86'd on that flight! You'd hope parachutes were supplied.
    1. Three's Avatar
      Three -
      Ouchez would be busy joining the 5 mile high club.
    1. Aslan's Avatar
      Aslan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Koz84 View Post
      Imagine you were 86'd on that flight! You'd hope parachutes were supplied.
      I think the plan will be limited to back-rooming only. Parachuting raises questions of airline liability, although they won't be running the games-- it will be Guido and Vincenzo, but don't quote me-- that is only hearsay; I know a guy who knows a guy.

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