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  1. Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter: Entry 2 - Routine and Progress update

    Little over two weeks since first entry. Currently putting in somewhere between 2 to 6 hours a day practicing the following:

    Anki Training(15min)

    • REKO-F 6-deck H17 DAS LS: Indices tested with basic flashcards
      • Switched to Basic flashcards because while the Image Occlusion based cards were useful for learning the indices quickly, I think they may be making my recall of them slower since I find myself needing to visualize the index
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  2. Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter: Entry 1

    Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter

    This blog will document my path from progress and training methodology as I train to become a +EV counter. Currently only have easy access to one nearby casino so I'm trying train with a betting spread/strategy/cover where I can count with little or no fear of being backed off, even with long hours and back-to-back days of play.

    Currently I'm training for a local casino:
    -Rules: 6 deck H17/DAS/LS; 5.0/6.0 Penetration ...

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