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Thread: Bettie: Valuable Addition to the RGE Catalog

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    Bettie: Valuable Addition to the RGE Catalog

    Hey folks! I'm slowly getting some work done on updating our catalog and adding new products as they come along. One product that I wanted to bring your attention to is Fred Renzey's Blackjack Bluebook II, out just a few months now and only $16.00 for a lot of great info.

    This book is highly recommended for any beginning counter, but there's good information in here for players of all skill levels. Renzey flows smoothly from basic strategy to basic refinement techniques to amateur card counting and then advanced card counts. It has easy-to-understand card hand graphics, great information on camouflage, the ?art? of playing skillfully, and hard math to back up every strategy and technique presented.

    Read more about Blackjack Bluebook II in the online catalog. Click on "Blackjack" -> "Books" or follow the link below.


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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: I heartily concur

    I am happy to endorse Fred's book as being quite excellent. I hadn't read the first edition, and, frankly, when Bettie and Viktor sent me the second edition, I didn't know what to expect.

    But, the book is solid and will enhance any beginner's library. I recommend it, with one reservation: Fred, you and I have to have a serious discussion on the difference between the uses of a semi-colon and a colon! :-)


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    Kevin Blackwood

    Kevin Blackwood: I second the motion

    I recently read Fred's book and agree with Don. I think it is very reader-friendly and Fred has some very creative and cheap ways to provide cover and shows that he is an author who is willing to think outside the box.


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