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Thread: Installing cv on a new computer

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    Installing cv on a new computer

    I have just purchased a new computer and have installed cv, however I was wondering if anybody knew a way where I can import the data of the game from my old computer?


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    I don't see any place either to do such a thing. What you could do is copy those games to a disk then see where your current games are stored and just copy them into that folder.

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    On the old system, go to File then Backup. This creates a zip file with all data files. You would need to unzip it into c:\ProgramData\qfit\cvbj. (NOT Program Files).

    If you can’t find the ProgramData directory:

    To unhide hidden directories, I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below.
    a. Start Button
    b. Control Panel
    c. Click on Appearance and Personalization
    d. Click on Folder Options
    e. Go to the tab View
    f. Check “Hidden files and folders: Show all files and folders”
    g. Click “OK”.

    If you do not have WinZip, you can unzip by right-clicking on the zip file, then clicking Open with and then Explorer. This will open Explorer with all the files in the zip. You can then copy them.
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    Ok I will give it a true cheers norm

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