Some years back, I ran into a friend in Vegas, playing similar stakes to me. He was dressed like a slob. Mind you, it should be clarified that he looked like a clean slob. I still work 4-5 hours a week, mainly for shits and giggles and often appear as a (clean) slob. I sometimes show up at the casino dressed like - you guessed it - a clean slob.

I also show up well dressed - how I show up is a matter of how the spirit moves me, but I’m always clean. In a couple of weeks, I’ll have lunch with a customer (ownership status), a local rep and her National Sales Director and I’ll show up in shorts and a nice sports shirt. The agenda is set - our out of town guest will be skinned, circumcised and my demands for remedies to deficiencies will be met - guaranteed - I have the natural persona to get away with it all.

Now, reviewing your 3 prior posts, I glean the following. You sleep in your car then show up in hi limit wearing wrinkled Walmart specials, unwashed likely with hair greasy and unkempt, stained shirts from arm pit sweat and likely smelly - playing up to 2 x 600 questioning why the quick to back off sweat shops. I trust your portable power unit includes the ability to at least brush your teeth.

I watched an hour long youtube Video a few months back of a real high end player travelling the country in a high end luxury RV with an apparent very significant bankroll, RV equipped with disguises and the whole 9 yards. If I was so inclined, I would bypass the RV route preferring to fly to various destinations, renting cars, staying in very decent accommodation for relaxing monthly 7-10 day trips (adequate rest and days off factored in), eat well and enjoy myself. I would insure adequate available funds to earn the suggested 100k you would make and with a totally different style if play.

If only knew then what I know now, I could pick a specific local area with good games and no travel, play daily a paltry 2 x 90 or 100 and make that same 100k with no muss no fuss. The worlds greatest blackjack player needs to make some lifestyle decisions -80 hours a week for 2 weeks alternating with 2 week grinfpder trips - even earning your suggested 159k is no life.