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Thread: Is this normal after 142 hours of play (Huge win and now Huge loss)

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    Is this normal after 142 hours of play (Huge win and now Huge loss)

    I'm relatively new to counting, however I have been studying the game for several months and feel I have the counts correct, as well as the deviations. I have used CVCX to figure my betting strategy for the game I play. (H17 DAS No surrender 6 Deck Shoe). I have around a 20K Bank Roll. After 142 hours I have won up to 16K and now back in the minus. I feel like the last several sessions I just can't win. I know variance is something we all discuss, however this has been tough. Is this normal or not after this many hours of play. I feel like I am starting to lose more big bets when the TC is +3 or higher than I'm winning. I do have to play through negative shoes because of the casino I'm in, you can't really Wong in and out. There aren't enough tables and they stay crowded. However, that's not where the majority of my losses are happening, it is during those hight TC's. I'm starting to ask my self is it worth it to continue this effort, I have put many many hours into practice and memorization. I have no issues keeping up with the game, counting and correctly making the plays. However, I'm not perfect and I'm sure I've made mistakes along the way. Just looking for some advice from seasoned AP's.

    TC 1 = 25 (1 Unit)
    TC 2 = 125 (5 Units)
    TC 3 = 250 (10 Units)
    TC 4+ = 300 (12 Units)

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