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Thread: Playing blackjack on a cruise ship

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    Playing blackjack on a cruise ship

    I'm thinking of going on a cruise and enjoying playing some blackjack. Has anyone ever been backed off on a cruise ? If so is it the same as being backed off at a land casino ? Like you won't be welcome to play if you come back a year later or do they share info with other cruise lines ? Whats your experiences ?

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    They make you walk the plank!

    Seriously, before you play, count down at least 10 shoes. If most end positive, stay far away. I've seen this on several cruises. There are past threads on this subject.

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    I posted the following on a bj21 GC (Green Chip) page back in January of 2008:

    Card Counting on Carnival Cruise Lines is a Bozo No-No!
    My Fellow GCer's:

    I recently cruised on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship. Outside their casino was posted a sign that contained the following excerpt, ironically immediately beneath a large "GOOD LUCK":

    "Card counting and/or the use of any mechanical/electrical or any other type of device to assist players in the gaming activity conducted in this casino is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to a forfeiture of all winnings and to confiscation of any prohibited devices."

    To ensure this proscription, they used CSM's on all of their BJ games! However, their pseudo-BJ games were dealt from shoes.

    Imagine the possibilities for abuse this allows... any time the casino wants to shaft a winning player, all the casino needs to do is accuse the winner of "card counting", then refuse to cash his chips. How does one go about "proving" he WASN'T counting cards?

    At least they didn't mention "walking the plank"!

    Dog Hand

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    More than likely they will either use an 8 deck shoe with poor rules like H17 or a CSM. Keep your blackjack play on land. The slot machines are usually horrible too. Even worse than that they might have a 6:5 blackjack payout game. For amusement only!

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