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Thread: Casino shift changes ?

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    Casino shift changes ?

    I only have a few casinos to go to so I'm wondering if there is a usual time that most casinos shift changes to maximize alternating between the casinos I can go to. Any help is great appreciated. I mainly want to alternate on weekends.

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    What if you just ask them?

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    You can casually chat up the dealers while playing: "You look tired... how long have you been dealing today?" and "You look tired... how much longed do you have to work before you get off?" will generally garner the required information. Try to let some time elapse between the queries ;-)

    Note, though, that at some casinos the shifts are staggered, so that one day-shift dealer might work 10-6 while another works 12-8.

    The "usual" shifts for dealers are as follows:
    Day: noon to 8 pm
    Swing: 8 pm to 4 am
    Grave: 4 am to noon

    Often the floors and pit bosses start and end an hour earlier than the above times, so not everybody is changing over simultaneously.

    Hope this helps!

    Dog Hand

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