I played back during the 1990s, before the advent of many adverse conditions, particularly in Las Vegas. Hotels were less costly, and did not have resort fees to jack up the price of a room. I sometimes played rated, but after some 86'ngs, had to play unrated and pay for my own rooms. I usually stayed in a small hotel. Meals were affordable. Back then, all normal games were 3:2, although Spanish 21 had appeared. I was able to play a number of double deck and 6dS17 games.

I feel like the expectation in Las Vegas downtown and on the Strip nowadays is negative for practically everyone, except for those who have the bankroll to play in the high limit rooms at a minimum unit of $50, where double deck games and 6d with LSR can still be found. It's also pretty hard to play in the high limit room without the floorman or pit boss demanding to rate your play, and thus get your name, even if you play with chips and avoid a CTR.

Outside the high limit rooms, there are too many worthless games (6:5) and the decent games are marginal now - 6dH17. Need a higher bankroll for 6dH17 than for 6dS17 because the variance is really high and a strong bet spread is needed to beat that game.

Some casinos in Vegas that were once great places to play are now worthless. I'm thinking about Binion's and the Four Queens.

The locals casinos have some decent games, but for out-of-towners, the cost of a rental car to get to those casinos really eats into expectation. Rental cars are expensive right now.

Do other folks here feel the same way that I do, that Las Vegas isn't really worth visiting anymore because of the combination of bad games, resort fees, and expensive food? Fortunately, there are lots more casinos elsewhere in Nevada and out of state than there used to be.

What do you think?