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Thread: Insomnia and Tinnitus : your experiences ? Best strategies ?

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    Insomnia and Tinnitus : your experiences ? Best strategies ?

    Hello there,

    I have experimented tinnitus since one year and a half (august 2019), and since its catastrophic. I had been very anxious and flurried, also some kind of moderate depression came. Very tired and anxious. Sleep insomnia came also.

    Since i have to say its better. The day i am not thinking too much about it. The only serious problem left is sleep disorder, namely insomnia. I think i sleep between 5-6 hours average per night, when before tinnitus i slept 8 hours average. So i feel very tired and depressed, and its really difficult to live with. So i must say in general i am very very bad (tired and depressed with lack of sleep).

    Until now my strategy was to ignore looking information on internet and avoid the most impossible thinking about it. Resilience. Hoping some better days would arrive, and make the best efforts possible despite my tiredness. But i have to admit its not working, so now i try another strategy, looking for information on internet and find best strategies to get correct sleep with tinnitus.

    My hope is not to reduce tinnitus (its seems really unlikely) but to sleep correctly despite its. I have met people with tinnitus but sleeping well, so there are "variance" also inside population tinnitus people Unfortunately it seems on average there is a strong statistical correlation between tinnitus and sleep disorders.

    I have to say that i had also previous health problems before tinnitus ( this was a topic discussing about health impacts on BJ i created four years ago where i indicated some weaknesses (, i made a deep depression in 2014).

    Still, i am 100 % sure that my general condition sharply decreased (let say i was 5/10 and now 2.5/10) with tinnitus and sleep insomnia since 18 months.

    I post on this forum not to complain and get commiseration, but because i know card counters in average are smarter than average population, so i would likely get good contents than other web-places. That is a pragmatical choice

    Anyone had this kind of problems and get good information ?

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    I agree with jonasdouglas1986, Chances are overwhelming that you would get much more complete advice from a doctor who gets a history and examines you, than from random people on a BJ forum. Although IMO JD86's advice is appropriate.
    In the US your choice would be between a generalist and a sleep physician (usually listed as "pulmonary and sleep disorders").
    In Europe, you may have to see a generalist first, but there are tests that sleep doctors can do that generalists don't do.
    Good luck.

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    Thank you for your answers, i appreciate its, really.

    I will try to focus more about your advices Jonas, also i will see a doctor specialized in sleep disorder.

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