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Thread: computer question - requesting assistance

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    computer question - requesting assistance


    I have a 6 year old desktop running Windows 8.1
    I want to keep it as long as I can - it's not the money - I just don't like buying computers

    it's set to download MS updates automatically
    but it failed in its attempt to load a recent important update
    it sent a message to download it manually - I tried - several times - every time it failed

    right now I've pretty much given up on downloading MS updates unless somebody knows an easy way to do it

    I just want to know how great my risk is if I don't download them - I have antivirus software and other security stuff from my ISP

    not worried about stealing files - nothing is there - everything is in the cloud - just want to know if it will crash

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    If you have decent antivirus software, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    After 6 years, the problem is that the reliability of the computer starts to go down. There are mechanical parts in the computer that can start to age and can fail.Bearings start to wear out and believe it or not, the internal memory chips can fail also due to age. The computer could work 15 years but the reliability is very poor.

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    You are not in any danger. But it's still better to upgrade to Windows 10 and use all the protection features.

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