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Thread: HiLo + 7m9c Sim Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjanalyst View Post
    Thank you very much for your excellent explanation of N0.

    I never heard of it before. It is good to know.
    How is it possible that such a bjanalyst has never heard of the term N0 regarding blackjack? I don't this "expert" doing all his work, yet he has never even read one of the dozens of books written about blackjack?
    This guy is tying to sell his blackjack books...but he doesn't understand the concept of N0? ...I'm out.
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    I think it is time to close this post.

    The results of HL w 7m9c have been posted.

    If HL users want to use this side count, they have the information on how to use it.

    There is nothing new to say and the post at this point has degenerated to a point where insults are traded back and forth and nothing new of value is being added.

    I suggest readers concentrate on how to make money instead of fighting.

    Refer to my comment in the Thread: What is the Tarzan count that beats HO2 w ASC

    There I explain how I make money with the Lucky Ladies and Super 4 side bets using KO, AA89mTc and Am8c with very little risk and no casino heat.

    You should be concentration on making money, not fighting.

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    "It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows." -Epictetus

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