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Thread: Ho Chunk changes the rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21forme View Post
    I haven't looked at the rules either, but in a DD game, an H17 DAS game is +EV at TC +1. I'd push out 2 units.
    Agree, definitely betting time at TC+1

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    who said it was das

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    Ho Chunk

    Now they have lifted the mid entry rule that limits you to minimum bets until a new shoe on 5 & 10 dollar tables max bet on a 6 is $100. Max on the 10 dollar table is $500 but on $25 tables you now cannot enter in mid shoe at all and if you leave for any reason and come back you have to wait for the next new shoe. Not sure on what they do if they are in the middle of a shoe and no one is playing.

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