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Thread: A session at EV is the best

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    A session at EV is the best

    I am taking another stab at the game. I think I know a big part of my past problem but I won't elaborate. OB are the initials.

    Some may disagree but I would speculate that for every session over EV you should in the long run experience an equal and opposite downside variance session.

    I just completed my first 1000 hand which I know is peanuts but spending a couple hours right around EV is kind of relaxing. No Karma to pay back so to speak.

    I believe that in logging hours/hands you strengthen and solidify any figures you may have.

    I don't see why you can't log pseudo sessions played against yourself on the table at home and use them to supplement real data. I know conditions can be slightly different but with the same game and same spreads why couldn't you produce good usable data to influence where you should be headed in terms of safe allowable bet size in relation to risk of ruin. i.e. I have 10,000 hands played on the table and another 10,000 pseudo hands played at home and the results are fairly close, I will use that pseudo data to justify a base wager and also a spread that is adjusted based on current BR and pseudo BR information.

    Another query I may throw out would be that if you can win at CV could you assume you will probably win on the real felt?

    Thanks to all, Happy New Year, and thanks for your wise insights.

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