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    Side Bets

    Let’s say we have a theoretical side bet where we have an edge and decide the appropriate bet size is about 1% of bank. How does this work if we wanted to bet the side bet on multiple hands? For example would the math be the same if we bet 0.5% of bank on two hands? Is it possible it could be similar to spreading to two hands on the main bet where for the same risk you can put 50% more money on the table split amongst two hands?

    I would imagine a perfect answer would depend on the specific bet I’m talking about, but I just don’t want to talk about the bet I have in mind on an open forum.

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    Yes, the generalized 1% rule is per round. Then most casino side bets have very low limits on how much you can bet, so I would be surprised if 1% of your bankroll ever becomes a side bet reality.
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