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Thread: BJ1945: Taxi fare

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    BJ1945: Taxi fare

    Took a cab from downtown to the airport with another couple - sharing the cab. Stopped at different airlines. Thought we could split the fare, but was told the fare had to be paid by each couples. Is this the rule in Vegas?


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    FLASH: Re: Taxi fare

    Sucker! IF you would have whipped out a pen and taken down the Cab Driver's Hack License Number and Plate number He would have started begging you to NOT report him, since what he is doing surely sounds to me like larceny, and would result in a suspended license and a huge fine both.

    I owned and drove a taxi in N.Y.C. and I never heard of any venue trhat would allow a cabbioe to rip people off so obviously!

    Nevada may be a strange place but I cannot believe that it could be this strange.

    Then again, maybe he figured that if you were actually staying DOENTOWN you were an obvious mark and he could rationalize taking your money by (correctly?) assuming that you appeared to have few compunctions about giving away your cash.


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