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Thread: Rootie Kazootie: Laughlin

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    Rootie Kazootie

    Rootie Kazootie: Laughlin

    We're planning our annual "summer" trip to Vegas for July this year. Have decided to do a day trip to Laughlin this year for something different. Other than "avoid the heat" and "stay cool", is there any advice you can offer on the "must do" and the "don't bothers" in the Laughlin area?
    Thanx in advance for your thoughts.

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    methodman: Re: Laughlin

    > > waterskiing
    ) go to lake h close by
    _but bullhead city was 121 the other day.

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    Parker: Laughlin summer

    The first thing you need to know is that in the summer, Laughlin is usually about ten degrees hotter than Las Vegas at any given time. In July, we're talking serious triple digit heat.

    There really isn't a lot to Laughlin - a cluster of ten casinos along the bank of the Colorado River.

    The river is about the only thing that Laughlin has that you cannot find in Las Vegas. Consider a tour boat, or if you're feeling more energetic, rent some jet skis.

    Laughlin has much more of a small town atmosphere than Las Vegas. In general, people are friendlier and more laid back.

    Laughlin is strictly low roller. Green action or above will get you lots of comps (and attention).


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