Two things to report from a just concluded trip to the Atlantis in Reno:

My last day there was the first day of an event called Street Vibrations. Had I known the place was going to be taken over by a large group of motorcycle riders, I might have changed the dates of my trip.

The main pit has a string of ceiling fans above it but the fan on each end is not turned on. While I was sitting at third base at the end table, a very inconsiderate guy with a large foul smelling and obnoxious cigar sat down at first base. After considering calling the EPA, I asked the pit boss if he could please turn on the ceiling fan above the table. If anyone has been there, it is the table with the little parrot above it. The pit boss said he would like nothing more than to have it on but couldn't because the fan blades would obscure the eye in the sky. Sure enough, the camera was well within the circumference of the fan. As I said, somebody screwed up.

Can anybody pass on similar stories at other casinos?