LV Strip 2D 0.7deck Penetration h17,ds,sc. In such a game, would single hand 1-2 units be enough to reduce the house edge of 0.40 to 0 or better? would 2 hands of 1-2 be suffitient if 1 hand is not enough? Would 1-3 be enough?

I know 1-4 spread can win some serious money and 1-4 spread into 2 hands are even better. But it also seriously challenges longevity. So if I just want to relax and play for getting comps, what's the cut off point of not losing to casino in terms of bet spread. Are there more thorough studies on this somewhere? Scheider's tables are very helpful, but it does not address the minimal break even scenario in the several editions I bought over the years.

Thx a lot in advance, you wonderful BJ pro and casino attackers :-)