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  1. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
    [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#000080][SIZE=3]Maintaining one's emotional equilibrium is more than an asset;

    it is absolutely crucial in AP activities.

    It also helps one establish their [U][I]camouflage[/I][/U].

    If one is prone to reacting [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000080]badly to losses,

    and find losses and back-offs, etc. stressful

    they need to find a different vocation.

    I have found that few players are emotionally

    suited to being A P 's or even serious Card Counters.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  2. Three's Avatar
    Nice post Norm.
    Updated 08-31-2012 at 09:34 AM by Three
  3. Three's Avatar
    I just take advantage of the situations. When it suits me I am "upset " and sit out or leave the table, at other times I have a very thick skin and roll with the punches. I try to incorporate all the happenings and ploppy superstitions into why I do things at the table. I usually get sympathy from the pit and the old I can't blame you for not wanting to play through such a situation. Sometimes its hard not to laugh at the idiots while I am acting pissed off. Other times that laughter is just what the situation calls for.
  4. Blackriver's Avatar
    Fs, I'm interested

    Heres an idea (I don't do this, yet), if you are using cover the trade off should be use of higher spreads or more Wonging. Maybe start with Wonging and normal spread and 20% martingaling and when pit crew are around or you sense heat just resort to 80% martingale and 20% Wonging. When you haven't wonged in a while allow yourself to martingale your way into a huge top bet
  5. Blackriver's Avatar
    Tthree, I know you like learning obscure nuances to improve your edge (ive even tried finding middle ground on the 7ish counting)but from a biological perspective your taxing your brains oxygen and glucose to do things. I imagine these are nearly reflexive and internalized now that might even require MORE effort to unlearn in the short term, but I think it's worth it.
  6. Blackriver's Avatar
    Very nice post and very well written. Most newbs and everyone from time to time do take other players/dealers too personally. The cherry on top is the caution against becoming too cynical in day to day life. (Although having the ability to not take people so seriously has made my real life much better also.)
  7. zengrifter's Avatar
    It reminds me of how some otherwise really nice people behind the wheel get very angry and upset when another driver makes a mistake.
  8. simple man's Avatar
    Great entry, Norm. Thank you.

    All too often I see (or hear of) happenings, reactions, questions and comments, of the nature you describe, from every walk of (casino) life, average player and AP alike.

    Your take - ahem, advice - bears similarities to my own, having garnered a respect for all gamblers AND their views, opinions, comments and even actions over the years. Though it is never easy to absorb, study, and eventually react to negative situations/comments in 'our' environment, I strongly believe that one must strive to control, or even master, their ability to do so responsibly, respectfully and, most importantly, POSITIVELY.

    I hope your entry serves to assist others in forging their discipline - an essential aspect of any successful AP's career. Keep up the good work and fightin' the good fight, Norm!

    Thank you, again.

  9. stopgambling's Avatar
    So ,what is the advantage at tc 7?
  10. kishanbp's Avatar
    please send me also the cover play details?
  11. Norm's Avatar
    Yes, the preamble suggests that other, respected people, are useless, so why shouldn’t I be as useless. Not a very strong, ethical argument. But, it will do in a pinch.
  12. Blackriver's Avatar
    Familiar argument but I've never heard it made so well. But the real strength does come from the preamble. how many industries are so cutthroat that after all the deception, exploitation, externalities, and political meddling are added up thriving in them is a badge of shame.
  13. dumbledore's Avatar
    Is there much difference with REKO-I?
  14. Coyote's Avatar
    I can appreciate this article! Nice work.
  15. MARILLION's Avatar
    I think nobody has published such table yet.
  16. Norm's Avatar
    Nope. Should be better. Have to run that some time.
  17. MARILLION's Avatar
    When one of payer’s first two cards and dealer's up card are known at the same time, is the advantage the sum of both advantages?
    Like let's say you know one of your first two cards will be a ten-valued card and at the same time dealer will be showing a five.

    Is our advantage 14% + 24% (or whatever number Peter Griffin calculated for dealer showing a five) = 38%?
  18. Three's Avatar
    If it is a positive EV bet take full insurance. If it is not you are insuring for cover or risk aversion on a good hand like 20 or BJ. This is were it makes sense to partially insure. For strickly cover insure for a small fraction of your bet.
  19. stopgambling's Avatar
    What if I am at a high count.Would I double a/6 vs 10 ,or ace???
  20. Solo player's Avatar
    "One time" in the mid to late ninties playing downtown at the shoe, when it was all good single deck nickle games. Playing unrated I dropped the 500$ dollars I had on me. They let me "mark it" while my wife went back to the Plaza, I think it may still have been called Union Station then and retrieve another 500 hundred for me. That really was such a fun place then.
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