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Thread: 21forme: Spanish 21 rule question

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    21forme: Spanish 21 rule question

    If you split and wind up with a 5 card 21 on one hand, does it pay 3:2?

    I saw it happen to someone else and dealer only paid 1:1.

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    Katarina Walker

    Katarina Walker: Yes.

    Bonuses are always paid after split hands. That happened to me in Atlantic City: I split, I then pulled a 5-card 21, and the dealer paid me 1 to 1. I complained, and the dealer told me "not after splitting". So I went to the pit boss and complained, he looked up the rules, and he conceded. I got my bonus. The moral of the story is this: YOU have to know the rules and be vigilant because the dealer won't remember them. In AC, I saw the dealer forget to pay out 6-7-8 to the players at my table about FIFTEEN times in the week I was there. The problem is that the dealers hardly ever got rostered on to one or two SP21 tables; they're so used to dealing BJ that they forget.
    This does not happen in Australia because they have lots of Pontoon tables, so dealers get almost as much experience dealibg Pontoon as BJ.

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    Aruuba: Re: Yes.

    > Bonuses are always paid after split hands.

    I guess the notable exception is the Super Bonus will not be paid after splitting. Or doubling.

    I guess the other bonuses won't be paid after doubling either although I'm not sure I really see how that makes a difference anyway?

    Would not being able to draw to split Aces be an even more devastating rule for a counter than a BS player? Once a PB in AC refused to let me do it even after looking up the rules!

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    21forme: Aruuba, please email me

    I have a question for you, and would prefer off-list.


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