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Thread: Maverick: Online WebCam Casino's

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    Maverick: Online WebCam Casino's

    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm a long time card counter that has not played much as of late. My primary focus has been playing Poker, live and a lot in the "easy money" online Poker rooms. Long story, i won't bore you, but i ran across a webCam Casino that deals BJ, uses 8 decks and deals down to 4. I know its not a very good game, but it is beatable, if fairly dealt and i can use a 1 to 20+ betting spread without any heat??. I tried searching the boards for the webCam Casinos and did not find anything.

    Anybody have any info about any of the WebCam Casino's out there?

    Thanks a bunch,


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    Sun Runner

    Sun Runner: Re: Online WebCam Casino's

    You don't state the rules but an 8D shoe dealt to 50% played perfectly might grind out a tiny tiny EV.

    Unless your BR is big and the table limits large I'm thinking it would be a slow slow grind. Certainly not worth leaving the 'easy money' you allude to.


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