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Thread: MJ: Automatic Card Shuffler

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    MJ: Automatic Card Shuffler

    When I practice counting, every now and then I like to practice with actual cards(6 decks)and BJ felt. The only problem is that once the shoe is finished, shuffling 6 decks can be time consuming and boring.

    Does anybody use a card shuffler at home? Are they worth purchasing and do they do a good job of shuffling the cards?

    Here is a link to one I am contemplating purchasing. Shuffling 6 decks in 10 seconds is like a dream come true! Maybe somebody with more experience in this area can let me know if it is worth it. Thank you!


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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Probably not the answer you are looking for

    Obviously I believe in software for practice due to speed and trackability. But, I also believe that you should spend some time with physical cards. (Counting at least. I never deal hands.) But, when you choose to use physical cards; perhaps you should do it all the way. That is, the shuffling is a part of the reality and feel of the game. It may be annoying; but it may also contribute as a part of living the game.

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    MJ: Re: Probably not the answer you are looking for

    Software is excellent(I use it myself) but how is somebody using a true counted system suppose to get the feel of discard estimation if they just practice with CVBJ software(or any other software for that matter)? I realize there is a handy drill on CVBJ for discard estimation, but in ultra real mode the discard tray is rather small and does not give one a realistic sense of what discard estimation in a game is like.

    I think CVBJ ultra real mode is wonderful for practicing playing BS,keeping a running count, watching for dealer errors, etc. amongst other important things. However, betting with a TC system is obviously based on discard estimation which IMHO is hard to do when using software. I guess what I'm trying to say is when it comes to discard estimation, nothing beats the real thing, namely a discard rack with used casino cards.

    As far as the automatic shuffler goes, I think it saves time and energy which can be better used. Once I master Hi-Lo and get into shuffle tracking, that is when I will put full energy in learning casino shuffles.


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    lagavulin62: Re: Probably not the answer you are looking for

    I just had to respond to this because I believe the real deal should be a part of your training. no doubt I have made tremendous improvements with the cvbj software and can't imagine not having it. but I have considered purchasing a shuffler and real shoe, discard tray because I realized the wasted time and effort shuffling 6 or 8 decks of cards. we all have real jobs and our time is limited, why waste it on shuffling? I always deal to at least two hands and four when using more decks, also I count at the same time. I don't know of a better way to practice counting and keeping up with the total of your own hand better than this. let me know when you find one you think is a good deal. also how much do these cost?



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