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Thread: Brick: BJ theory

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    Brick: BJ theory

    Many BJ simulators will take into account of cards "observed" when wonging.

    For instance; A simulator assumes we can jump in and out of shoes as we please and bet accordingly,however,from my experience in real casino conditions, this is not a practical way and I do not alway agree with these kind of sims.

    What I usually do is wong out at a TC of -3 and do not stick around hoping for the count to go plus again.

    Since the TC's in a shoe game are less erratic and I wong out at -3TC, in theory I will get credit for seeing or "observing" many negative hands even though I've long left the table. In other words I get credit of observing more hands per hour when all I did was leave the table. Hence, my win rate is significantly increased according to simulalors.

    Here's,something else to think about; If you backcount a total of 100 rounds at four different tables and leave the casino without placing a single bet(due to negative counts) do you still get your win rate!?


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    Norm Wattenberger

    Norm Wattenberger: Re: BJ theory

    CVData supports three methods:

    1. Allow re-entry in the same shuffle
    2. Do not allow re-entry until the shuffle
    3. Force a shuffle after exit. (Look for another table.)

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    Don Schlesinger

    Don Schlesinger: Re: BJ theory

    You might want to read Chapter 13, Part I of BJA3.


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    Brick: Re: BJ theory

    I need to finish reading BJA2. Any suggestions for chapters in that book. I assume you and Norm agree with my BJ theory and simulators.

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    Brick: I guess I'll break down.) *NM*

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    Brick: Never mind,

    I cant find my old book!)


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