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Thread: Bettie: sale on Q-Fit products!

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    Bettie: sale on Q-Fit products!

    Hey gang! Just wanted to let you all know that we carry all of Norm Wattenberger's amazing Casino Verite (CV) products on our online catalog, and some of those are currently at a reduced price.

    CVData has recently been upgraded and the price increased to $130. It's on sale now here for $110.50 for a limited time. We've also bundled CVCX and CVData at a limited time lower price. For those who really love to save money, check out CV ALL, our own bundle of all four products - CVBJ v3.0, CVShuffle, CVCX and CVData v2.0 - for over $80 off! These are serious savings!

    Check out our online catalog for details on all of the products and to order. Also, all bundles will be treated as one item, so you'll save even more on shipping costs. Pretty good deal, hunh?

    All right everybody, get shopping!


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    Parker: Reviews coming

    I am working on in-depth product reviews for Qfit products. Casino Verite will be the first.

    It is slow going because I keep discovering more features. In addition, I have become infatuated with "Cassie," the help wizard. :-)

    I have already concluded that this product is so much more sophisticated than anything else on the market that there is really nothing to compare it to.

    Stay tuned!


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