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Thread: Moose: Amusing blackjack legislation.

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    Moose: Amusing blackjack legislation.


    while considering the wording of the Alberta Terms and Conditions (as best as I remember them), I came across something rather humorous - well, to me at least!

    When detailing how the games are played, and specifically the value of each card, it mentions that the ace is "worth either 1 or 11, depending on which is most advantageous to the player"

    Hmmm, I have massive amounts of money on various stiff hands, the dealer draws a ten to their six, and then an ace... I would say it's pretty much most advantageous to me to have that ace worth 11, wouldn't you say? Say, dealer, did you draw an ace to that facecard you have showing? Well, I like my chances better if you were only hitting an eleven, thank you anyways.

    Wonder if there's a successful lawsuit to be had. In this sick society, who knows!


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    DoanWorry: Dealer is also a player, sorry no lawsuit. *NM*

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    Coug Fan

    Coug Fan: Re: Dealer is also a player, sorry no lawsuit.

    I sure hope a casino doesn't have a rule that says "players may not touch the cards" - common in face up games. Lets see, if the dealer is also a player and no players may touch the cards, then its gonna make it real hard to play.

    Also wondering about the device laws there. Are shoes, discard trays and cut cards considered devices in Canada or can I bring a few with me to the table? Usually device laws apply to all players.

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    suicyco maniac

    suicyco maniac: I like the way you think coug fan *NM*


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