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Thread: Looking to beat the Lucky Lucky sidebet with a simple side count

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    Looking to beat the Lucky Lucky sidebet with a simple side count

    I know that with the Lucky Lucky sidebet,there's a way to use a balanced counting system and gain a significant advantage over the house a decent amount of the time. Problem is, I want to reserve my mental energies for counting the main blackjack game and don't have the capacity to run two separate balanced counts.

    Therefore, I had an idea to fully count the main blackjack game but use a simple side count for Lucky Lucky, based on keeping track of the valuable 6, 7, 8 cards:

    -I THINK that in order to get the running count, I need to figure out how many cards short of expectation I am per dealt deck. For example, if one deck has been dealt, then 12 cards of 6, 7, or 8 should have come out. But if in reality only 7 have come out, I have 5 extra cards, so the running count is +5.
    -To get the true count, I now need to divide that +5 by the amount of decks remaining. If there are 5 decks remaining in the shoe, it means the true count is +1.
    -My thought was to place a Lucky Lucky bet only when the true count is +4 or more. This has zero math to back it up (I'm more of a humanities guy) and is a wild guess on my part.

    Does any of this sound reasonable or is something flawed in my brilliant plan?

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    There is a way. I won’t tell you though, at least at this time. As this is your first post and I know nothing about you.

    I will say this
    1. There is a specialized side count
    2. You can simplify that somewhat significantly although with less effectiveness

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    I originally started by counting 7s only, but I felt this wasn't powerful enough.

    One might say it's pointless to expend all this effort to play the side bet when I could just make more money by raising my bet in the main game. But there are a couple reasons why I'd like to play Lucky Lucky:

    -It might be a useful form of cover. My casino ain't exactly Caesars Palace and they probably think anyone who plays the side bet can't possibly be an advantage player. People actually think I'm weird for not playing the side bet since everyone else does.

    -I want to get used to keeping side counts anyway and this is an excuse to practice. I find I am able to do it without a problem if there is even ONE other player at the table, but in 1v1 against the dealer situations, I struggle to keep up with the speed without awkward pauses, so I often abandon the side count when I'm 1v1. I've been thinking about switching from High Low to Hi Opt II and if I can't get to the point where I can keep a side count in 1v1 situations, I won't bother switching.

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