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    Interesting Leaderboard

    This online casino is offering a different kind of leader board.

    Compete for the top spot to earn $25,000 in Casino Credits. This Blackjack Battle offer give any and every one a chance to reach the top. Whether you wager $50 and win $100 on DraftKings Blackjack or wager $10 and win $20, you would receive 2 Blackjack Battle points for this wager. Outside of losing wagers, each wager in which you multiply your money will earn you points when playing Blackjack Battle!

    Start Date: 05/25/2024 8:00 PM ET
    End Date: 05/25/2024 11:59 PM ET

    My thoughts on this are to bet the min, and play as many hands as you can. It isn't clear to me if doubling down will give more points, but if so do a lot of doubling down. Anyone have thoughts on this promotion?

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    Wait till it's about to end, see who the leader is, see how many points it would take the catch them, and compare to the cost of getting those points. Usually these end up not working because other people notice about the same time you do.
    The Cash Cow.

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    I played this leaderboard, but didn't do very good. I did win a prize, but so did everyone else who played it. I finished in the top 10% of those who played it. However, over 15,000 signed up to play it and less than 1,300 played it.

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    Yes, amazing that they were trying to give 2500 prizes or whatever...and were unable to do so. You could literally play 1 hand for $5 and win a $15 prize.

    But people signed up earlier in the week and DK wasn't really sending reminders about it. And Saturday 8 - Midnight of Memorial Weekend probably was a factor also as many would have had other things to do.

    DK would be wise to learn from this and evaluate their promos. They are trying to give away money but the way this was constructed drew a huge collective yawn from practically the entire customer base. If they had marketed this a little better with perhaps a reminder or two of the "Exciting, Big Showdown" coming up they might have gotten slightly better participation. I'm convinced that a ton of people simply forgot about it after signing up for this like 8 days in advance or so.

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    A question related to this leaderboard arose on another BJ site, where I provided a Basic Strategy:

    Hope this helps!

    Dog Hand

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