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Thread: Stop telling casinos how to catch you

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    Stop telling casinos how to catch you

    This is a public board. Casino employees can come in here and read your posts. There is absolutely zero reason to tell casinos how to catch you. Ever.

    Don't talk about "tells." Don't talk about what you would look for if you were a pit boss. Don't make their job easier.

    -Objections answered:

    "But hardly any casino employees read this." False. Even if this were true, game protection people regularly read these boards. People that train the casinos on how to catch you.

    "I don't play that aggressively, so I don't care." Selfish. And your attitude may change if you find some kind of opportunity in the future.

    "Everyone already knows that!" Wrong. You know that, so you assume they know that. Most of them don't. Smart game protection already knows how to catch you, but most game protection employees aren't smart. Don't help them.


    I'm not saying you shouldn't ever talk about game protection. It's very useful to talk about who protects games, and some of their methods. As long as you're not informing them about best practices, this can be helpful. There is a difference between "advantage players do this" and "casinos use this method to detect advantage players."

    It's the difference between posting your enemy's security procedures manual and your own army's covert operations manual.
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    G Man

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    you should have posted this 10 years ago , if not earlier!

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    I think he has across some of his blog postings.

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