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Thread: Standard 40 Deviations

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    Question Standard 40 Deviations

    Hello fellow Card Counters,

    Do any of you have standardized 40+ Deviation charts for the standard H17 and S17 games? I am planning to try out duo counting, either separately or as a team play. The problem is that even though the person knows basic strategy and true count conversion, they have no idea about the deviations. Since I don’t know the exact game we are going to play (and I usually do individual deviations for games), I now need the standardized 40+ Deviations for S17 and H17, similar to an elaboration of the 20+ Deviations provided by Blackjack Apprenticeship.

    Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Big thanks in advance!

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    You can find the “Sporty 40” in Don’s book:

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