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Thread: my hoops playing days

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    my hoops playing days

    this is just a little brag - not too big - some personal info
    I was very good for a h.s. player - 18 p.p.g. my junior year
    but I wasn't great - not even remotely close
    I also played 2 years for a small college - Division 1 - leading scorer on the freshman team - 8 p.p.g as a sophomore sometimes starting sometimes 6th man
    couldn't stand the varsity Coach and quit after my sophomore year

    but what I CAN brag about is some of the players I got out on the court with

    in h.s. in the DC area we played John Thompson's team - St. Anthonys - his very first coaching job

    they were awesome - at the season's end Sport Magazine named them the #1 h.s. team in the country - of course they crushed us

    I had 11 points - I had double figures on a John Thompson team - of course all of his teams were known for great defense

    Thompson won a National Championship coaching Georgetown and Pat Ewing in 1984 and appeared in 3 Final Fours and was named Coach of the Year 7 times

    my college - 2,400 students played Pitt - 35,000 students - this is not unusual - I guess the big colleges that do this consider it a practice game or a scrimmage

    against Pitt I had a 3 point play on Billy Knight who was picked as 2nd team All America and became an NBA and ABA all star

    the funny thing is - he didn't foul me - he didn't even touch me - just came close - but the ref called it

    on the local DC area playgrounds I got to get out on the court with Austin Carr

    he was the best h.s. player and one of the best college players I've ever seen - in h.s. he was like a 16 year old Oscar Robertson -

    his 61 points in an NCAA tournament game - 1970 - is a record that still stands and may never be broken

    his record scoring average of 50 p.p.g. in 7 NCAA tournament games also still stands

    in college he was truly fantastic - his NBA career was not nearly as strong but he was named an NBA All Star in one of his years

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