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Thread: Banks hassling customers re online gambling transactions

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    Banks hassling customers re online gambling transactions

    there are some stories out there about banks hassling customers who are moving money in and out of online gambling sites
    sometimes even forcibly closing accounts
    it wouldn't effect me because I don't gamble anymore -
    and it didn't effect me when I was moving money in and out my horse racing and sports betting accounts via bank transactions in the past

    but I am curious if anybody here has experienced anything like this_________?

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    Seems odd. Wonder what they mean by "hassling". Banks automatically file SARs during nightly processing and overreport for safety. Can't imagine why they would close an account unless there are outstanding loans or credit lines.
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    the link explains it to a certain extent
    I believe the banks may only be interested if there are very large transactions
    they may suspect that the gambling activity is a cover for other illegal activity
    having said that I'm no expert on this - just trying to figure out what is going on

    edit - I posted this on another site too and got this response from a poster there:

    "if your 'gambling' site is off-shore you better not use an account you want to keep (or keep a balance in there that you do not want to lose) be it poker, sports or casino.
    I have had cc cancelled and Wells Fargo account, but I did not really bug me because I started them as throwaway accounts."

    another edit - a google search indicated that in some states it is illegal for a U.S. citizen to gamble using an offshore account

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    No problems yet with my bank. So far this year I have moved over a million both in and out of my bank with over 1,400 transactions. That is over a million into the bank and over a million out of the bank.
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