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Thread: 2 mass shootings in Vegas within one week

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    2 mass shootings in Vegas within one week

    yesterday a former college Professor shot up UNLV killing 3 and wounding others
    Police shot the suspect dead

    about one week ago a guy shot 5 homeless people killing 2
    as far a I know a suspect has not been captured

    2 mass shooting within one week in the same area______?______________that has to be pretty rare


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    Never heard about the 5 homeless people but why would the national media spend time on that? But a former professor going nuts and killing 3 people that makes the national news.. The fact that many faculity and students at UNLV have in the past 2 years have had to lock down many times for active shooting events makes it all the new normal anymore. America the land of guns and the constant threat of someone who might not like the way you look, pray to, the color of your skin or sexuality or basically because you looked at them in odd manner makes you a target to be gunned down.

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