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Thread: I've Quit Gambling

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    I've Quit Gambling

    my history -
    I made some good $ counting cards at BJ in the 90s
    I was much younger and hungry to win
    played one day every single week in A.C. for about 14 hours for 6 years
    got tired of it and started betting racing
    lost a tiny amount betting horses
    made a tiny amount betting sports

    I was never willing to bet a large enough amount to make a real difference in my financial situation - I'm comfortable - don't need gambling winnings

    but I was sweating the ups and downs of it - it was too important to me - taking up too much time - if I lost it hurt my pride

    I still like looking for angles in sports betting - just don't want to bet

    since I've quit - a few months now - I feel really good - my mind is clear

    it feels like that old song by Cream entitled "I feel free"

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    Good for you man. I’m just starting my gambling endeavor. I’ll try to win for you.


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    First of all, glad to hear that you're quitting gambling! I'm glad that you've recognized the warning signs in your own psyche, that you don't derive nearly as much satisfaction from gambling as you used to and so decided to quit as a consequence. A lot of people hit that point and then gamble even harder to attain a comparable dopamine high; that's how addicts are made. You should feel proud of the psychological victory over yourself in this area.

    Second of all, it sounds like you've tried playing games where you know you (theoretically) could grind out an edge, so it's more akin to a form of investing than gambling. That tells me you've already got the correct mindset that you're trying to apply to other areas. By all means, keep doing what you're doing! It's always interesting to analyze new games and re-evaluate playing conditions as they come up, and even more so to find new opportunities to apply those same skills. Sounds like your situation is such that dipping your toes in the AP pool has only benefited you, which is more than most people can say.

    Keep up the hard work friend!

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    On his podcasts I’ve heard Richard Munchkin say that he is a big fan of quitting and I agree with him. When something is not serving you anymore it’s time to let it go. Good for you man.

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    thanks much for the kind words guys
    it's been about 4 months and I'm quite happy with my decision
    don't think I will go back to it

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