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Thread: WONG vs DON, Total Ten vs Dealer 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freightman View Post
    Hmm, no issues this time - CAD 54.91 + tax. Should have it Friday.
    Hint for those using Amazon.CA regarding better tracking info.

    Copy Paste tracking number provided, go to Canada Post Tracking. Full origin details provided along with revised guaranteed delivery date

    Expected delivery

    Tomorrow by end of day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gronbog View Post
    Correct. Don discusses this in the text as pointed out by Secretariat.

    You should be able to order it from Amazon. We used EV maximizing indices except for the one in question here (10 vs T - hole card games) and 11 vs T (ENHC).
    Okay, have the book. Just so I understand the reasoning.

    EV maximizing (though I do see some differences with Wong on + counts, and for that matter truncated negatives), except for the sole? Risk averse notation of 10 v 10 at +7. So I think that’s pretty clear.

    But why ENHC 11 v 10 vs hole card, or for that matter NHC which for all intents and purposes are the same.

    For the time being, I’ll peruse those tables closest to my normal games - tables 21.1, 21.2, 21.3.

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    We changed 11 vs T for ENHC only from +4 to +11 because, at the EV-maximizing index of +4, using the index actually decreases SCORE. Even so, it's value at the risk averse index of +11 is so small that it does not even make the Nifty 50 for some of the ENHC games we examined. See page 20 for commentary about this play.

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