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Thread: Is this real blackjack?

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    Is this real blackjack?

    My questions are serious, but everything about this screams -EV so posting here.

    Someone sent me a video of some kid playing blackjack online for essentially 100's of thousands.

    He is playing online, but it looks like it is dealt by a real dealer.
    I guess a couple questions I have are:
    Are these live dealer/online games legit (are they countable?)
    Does anyone know who this kid is?
    It don't make sense, he is playing ultra high stakes, but apparently has no concept of playing the game profitably.
    Just confused how he can be gambling for these amounts and not even at least be playing BS.

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    the blackjack site is real, but the funds hes using definitely arent. Its very common for betting sites like these to give famous influencers "fake money" (which means they dont deposit any money and they cant withdraw the money, basically imagine monopoly money) with which they gamble on these sites while promoting them.

    These creators often get a cut of all referred members (or some other incentive) so its in their best interest to get as many people addicted to gambling as possible.

    There are many cases of real gamblers who do gamble their money on sites like these and its VERY obvious which ones are real. Theyre not betting anywhere near as much as this guy and they always end on a loss (as theyre actually gambling addicts)

    In general, online games arent countable due to the games having horrible deck pen (maybe ~45%-50%)

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