Played at a casino in north central Iowa (Boyd's property) and the table had an EZ-BUST side bet. Min bet is $10.00, S17, 6 deck shoe and you could bet up to $15.00. 1 for 1 payout.

I normally never, ever play side bets but I guess I was intrigued that if the TC hit +4 or more and the dealer was sitting on a 5 or 6 and I thought if I kept an ace side count that if a majority of ACE cards were played out then the chances of hitting the side bet might be fairly good.

I got back to my hotel and did a quick google search on the laptop and wizard of odds had this info:

So I played 1 shoe out and I had 3 opportunties and each time I won. (LUCK?).. The first win came with a TC of 3, dealer with a 6 upcard and 9 aces played. The next two were nearly back to back. TC of 4+ (I struggle with half deck counts, need work), dealer with a 5 and then 6 with 15 aces played. The dealer was cutting the shoe at 1-1/4 decks...

First hand dealer had a 6/10 card and drew a 10, second hand dealer had a 5 with a 9 and pulled an 8 and then a 6 with a 9 and pulled a 10.

I found a thread from a discussion in 2022 about dealer busting precentages but I am not sure the math applies to this?

I guess my question is... From the wizard of odds article it doesn't makes sense to play this side bet? If the wizard of odds tables are sound (no reason to doubt they are not) it looks like not a good side bet and I can add it to the long list of side bets I don't play.