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Thread: How to implement hi opt-2 side count in CVBJ?

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    How to implement hi opt-2 side count in CVBJ?


    I am employing an ASC. I think I'm at the point where I score near perfectly on drills and am trying to start playing to see if there are any unwanted holes in my game.

    I am employing my ASC using quarter deck estimation and adding a two every quarter deck and subtracting two every time I see an ace. This gives me the number of aces in surplus multiplied by two. I divide this number by the number of decks and add to the TC to get my betting true count.

    First of all. Is this the correct way to do this? Is there a better way to do this?

    How would I go about implementing this betting strategy into CVBJ? I see that there is a betting side counts that directly affect the running count for betting but that seems wrong. Only increasing or losing betting units according to the number of aces is definitely wrong. I guess I could do something like keep a whole count that's the difference between hi-lo and hi opt 2 but that seems needlessly complex.

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    As I recall, the ASC switch on CVBJ uses the traditional way of incorporating an ASC into your count for betting purposes only. Set it to 2 for the Level 2 HiOpt II. Set quarter deck resolution fit your style. The traditional ASC process in CVBJ will give you a correct side count effect equivalent to your own +/-- trick.

    I'm sorry I don't remember all the details, it's the holiday you know.

    Norm will probably solve it for you.

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    Turn on the Ace Side Count option on Playing Strategies

    From the Help:

    Side Count Handling

    Ace Side Count - If this field is checked, then a side count of Aces will be kept in addition to your primary count. You should not set this field unless you have read the instructions for counting Aces included with the strategy that you are using. The use of this side count and the actions taken by CV depend on whether your primary count counts an Ace as a high card or counts an Ace as zero. These two cases are discussed separately here:

    Aces count as zero - Ace neutral strategies include Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, Omega II, Uston APC, DHM, Expert and Revere Advanced Plus-Minus. If you are using any of these systems, the true count is quite accurate for strategy purposes, but less accurate for betting purposes. If you have requested an Ace side count and the Ace counts as zero, then CV will adjust the true count as follows:

    • Calculate the number of excess Aces (may be negative) in the remaining cards
    • Multiply the number of excess Aces by the absolute value of the point count value assigned by the current strategy to Ten-value cards
    • Temporarily add the result to the running count
    • Recalculate the true count according to the current strategy's instructions for betting purposes only
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