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Thread: Glitchy login fields

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    Glitchy login fields

    Hi Norm,

    Is it just me or do other people get the same issue:
    When I get to the home page, I click the username field and the word 'username' doesn't disappear, so if I type my username, it basically gets appended. The same thing happens with the password field.
    The only way around this is if I click into a forum and then click on the username and password fields, it works properly.

    Also if I use autofill via a password manager, it appears blank in the password field. I clicked on the password field manually to see if it was just at the end of line, but there was nothing there. I then clicked on the username field, deleted my username and then my password, in plain text, shows up in the password field? I click the password field again, it disappears, I click the username field and it reappears?

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    I just turn on Remember Me and it logs in automatically from then on. As for the fields, nothing I can easily do about them.
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