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Thread: Paging Don S

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    Paging Don S

    Several weeks ago, there was a short thread about annuities and you were going to chime in when time permitted. I looked for that thread and couldn't find it, and asked Norm, and he couldn't find it either. Maybe the OP deleted it. In any case, I'd still be interested in hearing your opinion, as time permits. TIA.

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    Sorry about that. I was, in fact, thinking about adding my two cents, mostly about fixed annuities, but, yes, the thread seemed to disappear. I'll do my best to comment after the weekend. Have a track meet tomorrow and then the NFL games.


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    Thanks, and don't get hurt

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    DOn - You seem to be responding to threads regularly now, so thought I'd do one final reminder on this. If you don't respond, I'll take the hint this time.

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    I don't have a great deal to say on the matter, other than my wife and I own several GMYAs--fixed-rate guaranteed multi-year annuities. Depending on the state you live in, the company rating, and the duration, you can get more than 5% these days. And, the rates aren't likely to continue, because although the Fed will raise rates again this year, those hikes are already anticipated and are factored into the current annuities.

    Most permit 10% withdrawals with no penalties after the first year, but the only reason to do that would be to seek a higher rate with the funds, if you've been in a current longer-term annuity and aren't getting today the rate you could get if you switched. So, I did that, also, this year.

    For an individual, current I-Bonds pay more--6.89%. But that rate will surely go down each six months, as inflation cools. And, there is a yearly limit of $10,000 per individual. The rate was over 9% last year. We have those, as well.

    So, these are ways of getting decent interest, risk-free, in today's environment. The concepts are similar to regular bank CDs, but you pay no taxes on the yearly accrued interest and, in general, the rates are higher.


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    Thanks, appreciate your insight. I haven't bothered with the I-bonds because of the 10K limit.


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