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Thread: What Should My Spread Look Like?

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    What Should My Spread Look Like?

    I'm counting with a 1,000$ bankroll at a table with a 1$ min, H17, double deck.
    I don't have access to any betting software(mainly because they're expensive), so can someone please help me with a bet spread?(what bet's I should place based on the true count).
    I don't mind an aggressive bet spread(backoffs are not an issue, and no, I'm not playing online).
    Thanks alot.

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    You have everything to get a good estimation right here on these pages...
    G Man

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    Cvcx is only $100ish last i knew so really is a must have for anyone trying to do this seriously. Also make sure u aren’t playing a game with an ante every hand, this adds up and can seriously cut down or eliminate any win rate

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    If you find that this bet spread is too aggressive for your liking, you can always reduce the bet amounts by a few dollars (e.g. reduce the maximum bet to 18$ instead of 20$). Alternatively, you can also increase the minimum bet from 1$ to 2$ or even higher. This will further reduce the risk of going bust, but will also reduce your potential profits.

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    Increasing the minimum bet will increase risk. Making bets of odd amounts will slow down the game, reducing your hourly win rate even more.

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