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Thread: On the topic of IDs

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    On the topic of IDs

    Hey, I'm a new young counter and I'm starting to get the hang of it and have real sessions in the casino. My local casino always asks me for my ID upon entrance and they scan it in. I look young, and I always get ID'd everywhere. I'm thinking about just playing with a players card until my time there is done.

    What kind of advice would anyone have to someone who always gets ID'd? I can expect that when I travel to other casinos I'll get ID'd on arrival, and I imagine there's a scenario where I "don't have ID" on me and they won't even let me in because they think I'm under 21. I don't know if I should just do players card anytime they ID me.
    Anything helps, thanks

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    Not much you can do if you are young. Many casinos will offer a colored bracelet to show they they've already checked for age. However, some places will still recheck IDs at the tables.

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    At some places if you get backed off, you will get backed off again within 10 min after a ID scan. Other places you are safe at ID scan, but if you swipe the player’s card (with a note on your file), only then will you get backed off. I guess the hard part is knowing which place does what. Also, some places don’t have ID scanners at the door, they just look at it at the door or at the table (ie Vegas), but that’s a little less common.

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