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Thread: First Snow in U.P. for 2022-2023 Winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21forme View Post
    "I might HAVE mentioned..." (obligated to do that as Don has given up on it )

    My feathers are fine, thanks for asking.

    Anyway, I have a Schwab acct as well. I keep cash in SWVXX, one of their money market funds. It is currently paying about 4.8%. I am in a premier banking program at my bank which gives me no fee accounts, free online billpay, a free safe deposit box, etc. I keep just above the minimum required (20K) to stay fee-free. It's very easy to do online transfers from Schwab and/or other online banks, as needed, to cover expenses, so there's no reason to keep extra money in a virtually zero-interest account. I generally transfer funds once or twice per month, depending how much I need for checks "written" (actually online billpay). Keeping 6 months of living expenses in a zero-interest account seems silly to me. Perhaps I have more time for this than you do, as my roof shoveling time commitment is zero.
    I also have a SWVXX Schwab account. The interest rate is more like 4.48% than the 4.8% you mentioned. I plan to buy my next electric SUV with the money in this account. This account works a little different than most money market accounts. It works more like a mutual fund and might take a couple days longer to get one's money than just a plain old money market account.

    Anyway, I agree it is easy to transfer money, but what you & Don are missing is if I suddenly die who is going to move the money. I want at least six months of living expenses in my checking account at all times until my kids can get a handle on the situation if something happens to me, and that requires at least $30,000. Also the ups and downs of online gambling require at least $30,000 also. However I started 2022 with under $30,000 in my gambling account.

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    Beware the Ides of March
    Well, today I finished up the shoveling from winter storm Sage. It wasn't much of a storm where I live, but parts of the U.P. got double digits snowfall from it. Now we are just waiting for the next big one to hit that always comes this time of year. From the period March 15th to around March 21st it seems like we always have a whopper of a storm. Some folks call it the St Patty's day storm, but call it what you want, it seems to happen every year. Last year we got 10 inches, and this year right on St Patty's day the worst is suppose to hit us. They are predicting 15 inches and blowing snow. Remember "Beware the Ides of March."

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    Hopefully This is Winter's Last Hurrah
    Well, just waiting for our St Patty's Day storm to hit. Right now just a light rain out there, but that is suppose to change in just a matter of hours. I was going to start my second car today, but the driveway was so icy I couldn't even get to it. I watched the mailman almost wipe out delivering our mail. The rain made our driveway like a sheet of ice. So instead of starting my car, I spent an hour chopping ice.

    WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 8 PM EDT /7 PM CDT/ THIS EVENING TO 8 PM EDT /7 PM CDT/ SATURDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 11 to 24 inches...heaviest in the higher terrain areas and in north to northeast snow belts. Winds gusting as high as 50 mph will be possible near the Lake Superior shoreline. WHEN...From 8 PM EDT /7 PM CDT/ this evening to 8 PM EDT /7 PM CDT/ Saturday. * IMPACTS...Travel could be very difficult to impossible. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions will impact multiple morning and evening commutes through Saturday. Gusty winds could bring down tree branches. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Snow will be preceded by a period of rain this evening before changing over to wet snow tonight. This may lead to slick road conditions tonight into early Friday.

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    And our St Patty's Day storm rages on. Schools are closed today.

    St Patty's Day Storm 3-17-23.JPG

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    What's snow? Sorry, don't mean to sound cruel. In Manhattan, We have had some snow fall, but each flake melted as soon as it hit the ground. We haven't had any stick to the streets or sidewalks since March of last year. I did wake one day and there was snow on the grass and rooftops -- but it was gone by 11AM. The weather has been very odd the last couple of years.
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    What snow? The sierra nevada mountains have had 50 ft of season total so far in many areas. Ski areas have been closed due to too much snow.


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