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Thread: How to get True Count Frequencies per shoe depth in CVData

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    How to get True Count Frequencies per shoe depth in CVData

    I am certain this can be done in CVData, but can't figure how to get true count frequencies as different shoe depth.
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    On Nuances-Data, turn on Shoe Depth. Otherwise depth will be measured in hands, not decks.
    On Tools-Multi-Sim, set Rule 1 to MRI Depth Count. Set From, To, and, By to the quarter decks you wish to measure.
    Click Start Sim and it will run multiple sims, one for each specified depth.
    When done, click Archives, open the Multi-Sims folder, open the folder with the sim name you gave and you will see each sim. You can look at each sim for a full set of data for each depth. Unfortunately, if you want a nice three-D table, you will need to assemble it. CVSpread can be used for this.
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