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Thread: Hacking online live casinos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Player View Post
    You can't sit there and watch an online blackjack game. If you sit out more than two hands you are kicked out for not playing, and your seat becomes available for someone else. To top matters off just about every 20 minutes to half hour you are disconnected and have to sign back in. If you are in the middle of a hand the default rules will apply, and you are screwed.
    There's no generic online blackjack game. Each casino or casino franchise will have different rules.

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    I've seen it done before. It was cool but at the time I didnt really know how to do true count so I was basically risking heavy at true 1 and lost my small bankroll.
    It is possible. Wish I could find guy and get the software again.

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    Shchmax I know who can help you with that as he has already done what your talking about. Is there a way you can DM me ? I think I can connect they two of you.
    I'm not really sure how this message board works for direct messaging but I know he can show you what to do.

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    This is such a useful thread it should not die, continuing,

    How long you took to learn Mulesoft and websocket? How long to program a program with it?

    Many countries still prohibit online gaming, not sure what’s going on in USA with the wire act but it is illegal in China Vietnam Thailand Malaysia and Korea. People have been imprisoned for it. So you need to be a digital nomad?

    Is VPN needed? To connect to your 30 accounts one single internet connection suffices or do you need 30? How to get so many in that case?

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    Problems in Internet casinos, especialy ones with Evolution Lobbies:
    1) Windrawing money, you have to choose trustworthy casino, even then you need post some post at public to get your money, sometimes there is even quite big transfer fee, that ok for normal gambler but for AP player, thats another cost. Also If CASINO saw, that you played more than 4 games at same time, thats decent ground of making accusation of using a bots, and they usually love to make up anything to not pay your money. (for examples see
    2) EV per Hour : 8 Deck, SHuffle card about at 180th card from 416. 0,62% house edge. That would be horrible stats for normal AP, even BOT will have quite problem to find decend advantage.
    3) RISK: The low EV leads into another monster, wich is variation, you would have quite big CoR (chance of Ruin), that would mean , so to able reach decent %of risk, you need to have QUITE HIGH BANKROLL.
    4) Accesibility in your contry: Most countries , BANed casino with Evolution providers, finding BUM and windrawing tens of thousands euros trough them (because that ammount of money you will need to have decent risk), is quite chore and adrenaline.

    So think carefully before this.
    Also, Shchmax, PM me(I m subscriber, should be possible)

    P.S: Should be renamed this tread, this is quite clickbait
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